What can a FANFT be?

What can a FANFT be?

FANFT are digital collectibles, so if you can put it behind a link, it can become a FANFT. Because Big Fan is designed to show off fandom, not personal accomplishments, FANFT are most successful when they extend the things people already love about a brand.

For concerts, FANFT can take the shape of commemorative tickets, posters, replica backstage passes or band passes. Guitar picks. Set lists. You could even send out a post-concert FANFT that contains a recording of the headliner’s encore.

Sports events can benefit from many of the same types of FANFT, but you can also add trading cards, 3d digital bobbleheads, rally towels, team GIFs, “signed” balls, jerseys, or other team memorabilia. If your team wins at the last minute, send the highlight out to people who have the FANFT from that game.

There’s also a special synergy that happens when you use a simple graphic for your FANFT, as you then open the door to more buying opportunities for your fans. Because FANFT can be linked to print-on-demand products, the digital poster you gave fans can now be purchased as an actual poster, or maybe on a t-shirt, mug, bag, or other product.

So, on one hand, a FANFT can be pretty much any digital file. But, on the other hand, it can actually be a way to turn your giveaway items into new sources of revenue.

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