How brands can use FANFT

How brands can use FANFT

The headlines around the NFT craze are insane. People are seeing artists and sources of memes sell simple images or videos for millions of dollars. That’s got a lot of brands wondering how they can capitalize on the momentum, and that’s where Big Fan comes in.

Our FANFT can be used in any number of ways to promote brands in the digital collectible space. Whether you want to offer people a digital version of the product they just purchased, promote the release of new items, or simply find fun ways to reward the fans of your product, Big Fan can make it happen. Maybe you want to sponsor someone else’s giveaway items – we can make that happen as well!

The Big Fan platform can make anywhere from hundreds to literally billions of FANFT rewards for your customers. It is affordable, flexible, and also allows for new long-term profit streams.

It only takes minutes to set up a Big Fan event and, with our team of professionals, we’ll make sure the fans of your brand get an experience that excites and delights them.

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