Indie Artists Need FANFT

Indie Artists Need FANFT

It’s hard enough to launch your music career – you need to be creative, work hard to develop a following, and stay committed through the ups and downs of a creative’s career. We get it.

That’s why we have developed Big Fan in a way that allows independent artists to take control of their merch and deliver exciting new fan experiences. You remember the magic of catching a guitar pick, drumsticks, or a set list? Fans all over the world want to replicate that feeling in a digital sense.

Big Fan enables you to digitally distribute different Fan Acquired Non-Fungible Tokens (FANFT) to attendees of the same event. FANFT can be attached to purchasable physical items like posters, t-shirts, etc, and they can be bought or sold in the Big Fan Shop.

This means you can actually offer a wider variety of merch without carrying as much inventory, and with the royalty system attached to FANFT, you will continue to make money on any of yours that are bought or sold in our marketplace forever.

If you create more FANFT than you needed for an event, or some go unclaimed, you will receive those back, 14 days after the event, at which point you can sell them in the Big Fan Shop or give them away to fans who signed up for the item’s wait list.

We want artists to dream big, and part of that is saying – what if you became the next huge act? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have an established collectible market when it happens? One where you could still profit from the hard work you put in to get to the top? Big Fan can do that for you.

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