NFTs for Music Venues

NFTs for Music Venues

The world got weird for a while, but as venues begin opening up again, many are looking for new ways to get people in the door. Luckily, Big Fan has a solution for that.

Remember collecting ticket stubs from your favorite concerts? What about the feeling you got when you (not so) sneakily peeled a poster off the wall so that you could keep a little piece of it forever?

I was passionate about going to concerts and collecting as much as I could from them – but as I got older, moved around more, got married and started a family…my collection gradually became less and less present in my life, and those items deteriorated as they sat in boxes or drawers being unappreciated.

Big Fan wants to recreate this feeling for fans, as we work with venues and artists to develop collectible FANFT ticket stubs, posters, and other collectibles or unlockable fan experiences.

Opportunities for cross-promotion are huge as you can choose to discount admission to people who show you a previously acquired FANFT of the band that is performing, or people who acquired a FANFT from visiting a local store or restaurant.

Give the fans coming to your venue a next-generation fan experience with Big Fan.

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