Big Fan and Sports

Big Fan and Sports

There may not be a more perfect pairing for Big Fan than live sports. With our approach to digital collectibles you can distribute items of varying levels of rarity to game attendees, offer post-game rewards to those who claim their FANFT, and earn money as your team’s items change hands.

We’re offering sports teams a way to digitize their existing promotional items, to evolve for a new generation of collectors, and to create revenue streams from items they previously gave away for free. All of this without adding new technology, no hiring – just a simple service that will help make and manage the whole process.

Imagine having a poster of your superstar released in multiple variants to all fans present at your home game. Some people will collect their FANFT, some may want to sell them – maybe they want the more rare variant instead of the common one they received. Others may never redeem their code at all.

With Big Fan, you can make money back off of your FANFT a number of different ways:

  • You get a small royalty anyone sells a FANFT you created
  • You can attach FANFT images to purchasable, print-on-demand items
  • and finally, 7 days after an event you will receive ownership of any unclaimed FANFT to sell in the Big Fan Shop at whatever price you choose

So that poster you gave out in 5 variants to all your fans of one game will now live on with a permanent royalty tied back to you. If someone sells it – you get a cut. If someone wants to get a printed copy of that poster, they can do that – and you get a cut. Best of all, your leftover product – which would normally be donated or given away again later, can actually become a valuable product to fans who aren’t able to make it out to games.

Big Fan is a big dream, and for it to work – we have to ask industries to dream big with us. The current model of marketing to fans is costly, and extremely limiting in what you can easily give fans. With Big Fan, you can afford to celebrate every player on your team over the course of a season. You can excite sponsors and fans with new and exciting products and experiences. As you create more memorabilia, you can get ahead of the curve with emerging superstars and have money-making products in place the moment they have their breakthrough moment.

The second-hand memorabilia market is already a multi-billion dollar market – Big Fan wants to help you keep your piece of that pie.

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