What are Big Fan Cards?

What are Big Fan Cards?

Since the pre-sale began, Big Fan Cards have become one of the biggest mysteries in the NFT space.

It started with a simple announcement. Card packs were coming, and the first pre-sales would be Gold Packs. All that was said was that the Gold Packs would be a standalone NFT that looks like a standard gold foil pack of trading cards. The packs “contain” 5 different 1/1 Foil Variants of the Big Fan Cards from Series 1. No word on what the cards were – just a very basic announcement.

That announcement led to 7 pre-orders, locking up over half the first series of cards. At Big Fan HQ, we worked furiously to prepare all the decks and cards – but as we started contacting the buyers, something incredible happened: no one chose to open their packs.

So here we are, with an entire series of cards that no one has seen.

We considered sitting on this mystery for a while, to see if someone broke down from the wondering – “What’s in my deck!? WHAT’S IN MY DECK!?!?” kinda stuff, but we care about the mental well-being of our community members, which is why we’ve decided to give away two opened packs. We’re absolutely sure that revealing 10 of the 55 cards will not have this same effect. Totally sure. Beyond sure……or are we?

But for real…what are they?

Great question. Without giving too much away, I’ve decided to write this post prior to revealing any of the cards to just set the stage a bit.

Big Fan Cards are not a TCG like Magic: The Gathering or Pok√©mon. They’re closer to sports trading cards – there’s different rarity levels, variants, etc, but no built-in mechanic for playing them against each other.

We wanted to design something that was intended to be handled like trading cards have historically been handled. To us, this meant creating designs that may not appeal to everyone, but would certainly appeal to some. Because cards can only be unlocked randomly, you may open a pack and want some, none, or all of them. People that choose to not open packs will be locking card designs from being released until/unless they choose to let their curiosity take over and open the pack.

We want them to be fun and different, and I think they really are.

Stay tuned!

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