What is Big Fan?

What is Big Fan?

Big Fan is a first-of-its-kind platform for the making and managing of Fan Acquired Non-Fungible Tokens – or FANFT. These digital collectibles will present new and exciting opportunities for fans and the teams, artists, or organizations that they love. Fans are passionate, and every fan is unique – but where can you currently (and effectively) show off your fandom online?


  • Record labels who want to offer digital collectibles
  • Bands who want to offer more varieties of merch
  • Venues who want to offer new perks to get people in the door
  • Film studios who want to create new fan experiences
  • Sports teams looking for exciting new sponsorship opportunities
  • Brands who want to offer new promotions
  • …if you have a following of any size, we can help you

FANFT are affordable enough to distribute at any size event and our staff of designers will make sure you look good to your fans.


First you create your event – this event will be visible to fans, and will show any attached FANFT. Creating an event is simple – you just tell us the basic details, provide an image if you’d like, then tell us how many total FANFT you plan to give away and how many different designs.

Once you’ve paid for your event, we will collect the information we need in order to create your FANFT. Each FANFT can also be attached to a number of different print-on-demand options, meaning that the fan who gets an NFT of a certain photo or graphic could then choose to purchase a t-shirt, bag, art print, etc that features their FANFT’s design. This presents an opportunity for event organizers to actually make money back from their promotional items.

We also want to make sure event organizers don’t lose out if people fail to redeem their FANFT, so 14 days after the event, any unclaimed FANFT are transferred to the event organizers to sell on their own.


  • Create an economy around your event memorabilia
  • Make money back from promo items for a change
  • Control the resale market for your collectibles
  • Affordable way to enter exciting NFT market

In the coming weeks we will post more about use-case scenarios, but please feel free to reach out to us any time if you have a question about launching an event of your own!

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