Hey there, I’m Jonny – and you’re currently on my website, BLOCK DOG NFT. What started, back in July of 2021, as an idea to attach exclusive merch buying opportunities to NFTs has now grown and developed thanks to the strength and connectivity of the Ravencoin community. The site may only be a couple months old, but it has turned my curiosity into an obsession. As I’ve worked to build this site, all the work I’ve put in, all the research I’ve done….nothing sways me from the idea that Ravencoin is a platform that could bring new and exciting NFT experiences to a whole mass of people who are not already involved. As an artist and an entrepreneur, it’s important to me that I lay out what BLOCK DOG’s long-term goals are….what I’d love to see BLOCK DOG grow to become.

At my core, I’ve always been a mad scientist. When I was a kid, my parents would buy me cheap, usually broken electronics from garage sales, and I would spend hours taking them apart, trying to figure out what made them work. I can’t help it, it’s just who I am. I see things, I want to know how they work, why they work that way, and could they work better somehow? It’s probably no shock I ended up in Project Management.

In early 2021 I started experimenting with minting NFTs on Rarible, OpenSea, and Wax. It was all so frustrating for me. And expensive. I’m not independently wealthy, and I don’t already have an established following. Also, I was maybe a few months early. Regardless of what led me to that place, the takeaway was the same:

All these NFT marketplaces are broken.

At BLOCK DOG NFT, I want a few things to be true:

  • I want artists to have a place to build full brands.
  • I want to connect artists with brands
  • I want to offer a way to build a community around the NFTs you create and sell
  • most of all, I want to push the limits of what is being done in Ravencoin NFTs to show and inspire others to take on bigger and better projects

This initiative requires me to test and work with as many of the available tools and developers as possible within the community. It requires me to do my own research and work to show what can be done, but it also requires me to shine a spotlight on those within the community who are also pushing these same limits in their own ways.

I believe this means seeing BLOCK DOG NFT grow beyond simply a marketplace into a full Ravencoin NFT brand. I want to invest time and money into increasing the awareness and helping to grow this community by:

  • Putting together a regular schedule of blog posts
  • Producing short written or recorded content pertaining to what is happening specifically within the Ravencoin NFT community
  • Continuing to develop solutions that help push this community forward

I appreciate you being here, and being a part of this journey. Let’s fuckin’ go.

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